Ed Quillen
Oct 6, 2013

To: StoneyCreekFarm3@yahoo.com

        Hi Amanda!  We love Axel. He is very beautiful, minds well and loves everyone.  Good temperament and still no ball drive!  Gets along with our little dog Jill.  He is everything you promised and more.  Will try and send more pictures at the one year mark.  Hope you are having a good autumn.  Have any puppies on the ground now? Thanks again.  Ed and Candy Quillen, Lathrop, Mo.
 Kathy Williams
 Jan 27, 2013

To: Amanda Wikert

Hi Amanda, it has been a while since I updated you on Zuri.  He just got back from the trainer and is doing fabulous.  The trainer had wonderful things to say about him, especially that he would make a good "drug" dog since he uses his nose so much, and that he is very smart.  He knows when he is on lead and off.  This trainer has a belgium malinois that he uses for drugs, some types of police work, etc. so I guess he was watching for certain things.  Anyway, he has a start on manners and obedience.  I have been working with him every day.  He also is such the house dog.  I thought he would really enjoy playing with Hannah, the other german but that only last a short period of time and then he has to seek his mom!  He is the best dog and perfect choice for our family.  The dachsies still rule though:)
He is going in the in the next week or two for his hernia operation and neutering.  My vet wanted to wait until six months for neutering.
Hope all is well with you and four-legged critters.  I enjoy reading facebook although I never post anything on it. 
Thank you again for picking the perfect guy for us. 
Tim Schuppan
Oct 20, 2013

To: Amanda Wikert

Sorry it has been a while. It has been a busy summer. Here are some pix of Elsa, as you know she is 8 months today. Had her at the groomers yesterday and she weighed in at 65 pounds#.!!! What does her mama weight? She really likes the nuvet vitamins and thinks of them as a treat. Each morning we go through her training ques and as reward I give her the vitamin. She does all her ques for 1 nuvet. 
She is a joy for Ronnie and I, definitely a lot of work as she is an independent thinker but we like that quality in her. 
We feed her a no grain Alpha Chicken feed by Natural Balance and have been very pleased. Her coat is shiny, hardly any gas and she gobbles it up. 
I hope all is well with you & your son.
Take Care
A&J Elliott
Oct 19, 2013

To: stoneycreekfarm3@yahoo.com

Hi Amanda!
I wanted to share a few photos of Esko with you. He has grown a good bit and looking less like a puppy. With our traveling for the past 30 days, I had noticed the changes in his appearance as well as seeing him up against Lani that he had grown, but when arriving home and seeing him get in his crate just really showed me how much.  His body fills the entire crate now! His coat has gotten longer and straightening out, and is soft and shinny. He is looking good and it's amazing how much he has grown.
The first two photos are of him about two weeks ago while we were visiting my husbands family, which was the month anniversary of us having him home with us. The last photo is a side by side photo of then(the day he came home) and now showing the change in just a few short weeks!
I hope all is good and that you are doing well!  We'll keep in touch. Oh and I never did receive his records did you happen to keep copies?

Janice Schrieber
Dec 29, 2013

To: stoneycreekfarm3@yahoo.com

Hi Amanda,

This is Lauralee's mom, Janice.

Gemma is doing very well. She's over 50 pounds!
She's potty trained and crate trained.
My only problem is the teething.
She doesn't chew on furniture but does like to bite at my feet!
She walks on the lead well and sits on command.
She's very loving and I love having her!
Jamie Longston
Dec 27, 2013

To: Amanda Wikert

You did an amazing job!  I would recommend you to anyone, you defiantly know what you are doing.   You said you can duplicate her breeding correct?   I hope so because she is awesome! 
We do want to get a male from you.  I know you were thinking of breading Capri's mom if you do let me know and I will get a deposit to you. 
Thanks again for being unselfish and giving one amazing dog! 

Jeffrey Grewe
Dec 11, 2013

To: Amanda Wikert

Yeah, I know this hair is out of control.  Shedding is not that bad but he does have A LOT of hair, he is going to the groomers soon for a bath and nails so he is all pretty for Christmas.  He is doing great!  No health issues at all.  We have dogs on either side of us.  The GS mix next door and him race up and down the fence line and then he and the golden retriever next door like to go down to the pond and jump in; I should say Flipp likes to wade in up to his chest, the golden gets in and swims around.  They jumped in a just couple of weeks ago, thought they were crazy as it was below freezing, they jumped out after a while and still ran around and rolled in the snow.  My oldest takes him out daily and throws the frisbee, Flipp has gotten quite good at jumping and grabbing it out of the air.  This is also a good way to burn off some of that puppy energy.  

I can't tell you how happy we are with him and just wanted to say thanks again.  Hope you and your son have a Merry Christmas!


PS:  My wife thinks Flipp needs a buddy. 
Nick Johnson
Aug 17, 2013

To: Amanda Wikert


It has been a while!  I am going to send a few recent pictures of Zeven (Brawson).  Since we last spoke my police K9 Titan had to be retired due to a genetic eye (vision) issue.  It was to risky to do surgery so we had to make the hard decision to retire him earlier.  Anyways here is Titan teaching Zeven the perfect heel!  It is awesome because I will call Titan to a heel then Zeven who quickly heels next to him!  He obviously will heel off lead and his obedience is solid!  Very smart dog I say.  We briefly spoke about the possibility of making Zeven a patrol dog but the department wants to replace Titan immediately.  They were not willing to wait another 5-6 months.  So I will now have three of these crazy monsters at my house.  Thinking about starting a German Shepherd Zoo to offset the expenses....LOL.  They all eat dry food but very expensive all natural no additive special fed.  I wish I could afford the raw food expense but we punched the numbers and just can't swing it for 3 dogs!  So we make sure they get the best dry food money can buy.  No corn, no preservatives, no fillers! 

Hope to hear from ya soon! 

Regina FordThursday, 12/12/13, 5:28 PM
Making Bindi a part of our family has been wonderful. She loves our attention and reminds us constantly that sitting on the couch isn't tolerated! We selected Bindi for our son and the two have bonded tremendously. They do everything together. I love looking at all the pictures, past and present, and seeing how much she is like her siblings. When my son leaves home, it's going to be hard to see Bindi leave too. We love her. Thank you Amanda for providing us such a wonderful, healthy girl!
Pleasant Hill, MO
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Linnea Murray
Feb 14, 2015

To: StoneyCreekFarm3@yahoo.com

Kato is now 18 months old and 87 pounds. I just wanted to thank you again for an exceptional dog. Our vet has seen hundreds of shepherds pass through the doors each year, and still maintains that Kato is “special.” Even though Kato is from working lines and he’s very driven, his empathy and sensitivity is noticed by everyone he meets.
We started socializing Kato at 12 weeks by taking him to several pet stores, hardware stores, doctor’s offices, etc. That’s when we noticed the special way that people responded to him. He has an intense play drive but he’s also very sensitive to people and children, and we feel he is suited for therapy work.
For this reason, we visited a behavioral veterinarian, and she described Kato’s intelligence as “exceptional’' and noted his incredibly sweet personality. He passed obedience classes easily and we are now working on passing the test for Therapy Dog International.
I’ve had the privilege of owning several GSDs in my life, and Kato is one of the most perfect examples of the breed I’ve ever known....beauty, intelligence, sweetness, drive, and athleticism. Kato’s got it all. He’s my puppy, my guardian, and my best friend. 
Thank you for being so committed to your breeding program, and thank you for always making time for my questions and concerns. I wish you every blessing!
Linnea Murray