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About Us

Stoney Creek Farm was established in 2001. 

It all began when I was young, my passion for horses, and all animals in general. I started out my competitive days showing my Thoroughbreds in Hunter/Jumpers, Cross-Country, and also became involved in showing AQHA's English/Western Pleasure, and Equitation. During my late teens and 20's, I got involved with TB racehorses, and galloped for well known trainers in the Chicagoland area, where I grew up.  As time went on, my direction took a turn into dogs. I bred my first litter in 2001 of Jack Russell Terriers, and it was in 2003 when we moved from the fast paced city life of Chicago, IL, where I had grown up and lived my whole life, out into the country. Now that we had the room and time, we decided on a dog that would be protective, good with children, and social for everyday activities- the German Shepherd Dog was our chosen breed. It was soon thereafter in 2004, when we acquired our first smooth Dachshund, after deciding a GSD just didn't make a very good "lapdog". :) In 2005, we decided the small farm we rented in the rural Chicagoland area, just wasn't big enough. It was then, that we relocated out of state to the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. It's been a big adjustment for us all, but the air is pure, the ground is beautiful, and we and the animals are so much happier and thankful for all that has come into our lives. While we don't plan to stay in the Ozarks forever, we are learning ways of Organic living, Natural Rearing, and Self Sustained living and health for our dog, and for ourselves. 

We believe in raising our dogs as naturally as possible, feeding fresh raw meats, along with a high quality kibble. Giving "core" vaccines, and limiting our use on pesticides and toxic chemicals found in and around the home. The reason we do this is simply for the health and longevity of our dogs. 

Health is imperative to us. As we don't require a specific brand of dog food you must feed if you decided to purchase a puppy from us, we do require to educate yourself on species appropriate nutrition, along with following Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccine Protocol, and giving an Immune Booster Vitamin and Joint Supplement from NuVet Labs. When feeding commercially prepared dog foods, these foods are cooked, and the "vitamins" are cooked right out of the dog foods. NuVet Plus are all human-grade, cold pressed vitamins, and offer health benefits above and beyond the nutrition offered from dog food, and most other vitamins available in pet stores. NuVet vitamins can only be ordered from a breeder referral. Here is the link to the vitamins we feed our dogs, and recommend everyone does as well, not only if you have gotten a dog from us. These vitamins are also excellent when you are feeding a RAW Diet, as it needs to be complete.

NuVet Labs


We are currently working to develop our own lines of top performing German Shepherds. It is a building process, and has been tough along the way. We are always striving to find ways to better our bloodlines, and our dogs. Keeping in mind, health and temperament must come first. For this reason, occasionally we offer young adults and adults for sale. We like to keep the number of dogs we own within reason. Therefore, we can easily manage who lives with us, as it's a lot of work between training, showing, conditioning, and just the every day care of our dogs.

Each and every puppy raised here at Barron Haus German Shepherds/Stoney Creek Farm is raised in our home, in a beautiful stress free environment, where puppies are allowed to play indoors and hike the farm with us when old enough- weather permitting. They are all raised within an active home, and are accustomed to every day home life of vacuuming, in and out human traffic, loud sounds, and whatever the daily household might contain. At approximately 5-6 weeks, the puppies begin outdoor "potty training" and follow a schedule that allows each puppy the understanding of "housebreaking". In 2016, we started following a more structured puppy rearing program, called PUPPY CULTURE. At 7-8 weeks of age we begin individual crate training, and therefore, by time the puppy reaches his/her new home at 8 weeks, your puppy already understands the concept of pottying outdoors, knows "sit", "off", "here", and "no". That's right, we think its extremely important to teach our puppies basic home manners, as many have small children, elderly parents, or family members who may be disabled. We think that's pretty good for an 8 week old puppy! 

Every puppy is temperament tested and vet checked at 7 weeks old and placed according to suitability. Not all puppies are suitable for work/show, and not all puppies are suitable as pets! 

* * Our German Shepherds come from the best Working German lines available today. Our dogs are bred for Wonderful Family Companions, Various Dog Sports, Schutzhund (IPO), Personal Protection, Police K9, SAR, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and all other AKC events. We All of our dogs are OFA hip & elbow certified, DNA'd, test for things like HU, DM, MDR1, and only come from health tested bloodlines.

"Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward!" ~ Thomas A. Edison 
Stoney Creek Farm  is expanding in new directions!! Watch for more detailed updates in the year to come. We will be offering more training services, as well as exceptional puppies for a variety of duties and tasks. Our animals bring great joy to our lives, and the experiences encountered breeding, raising, and owning such great dogs, could never be replaced. The fact that this has been a life long endeavor, with many hours spent studying pedigrees, understanding genetics; brings knowledge, wisdom, and most importantly wonderful breeders that care about bringing happiness to others lives, as this has brought to ours. 
If you're interested in a puppy or dog from us, please submit a Pre-Purchase Questionnaire so we can better assist you! 

Pre-Purchase Questionnaire
Stoney Creek/Haus Wikert Information Here: Breeding, Training, Import Services, Boarding. Houston, MO 417-260-2166